Paramedic EMT EMS Reflective Paracord Bracelet w/Metal Clasp

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EMTs, Paramedics, First Responders, and all Health Care Professionals. Show your pride and identify yourself as the Professional that you are.

This 550 Paracord can even be another tool in your belt when treating a patient. It can spark the conversation between patient and care giver and open up an avenue of trust and communication.

These 550 Paracord bracelets can make great recognition gifts at meetings, training sessions, and award ceremonies.

This  bracelet can:

  • Call out EMT, Paramedic, EMS, Flight Nurse
  • Have a white, neon green, or neon yellow accent stripe
  • If you need an organization name or something special there are other options available. Contact us.

This durable 550 Paracord wristband is waterproof and will stand  to  abuse. It comes with the main color of Black that has a reflective tracer with the option to choose from several accent cords. The aluminum charm is nickel-free and waterproof. It is sublimated and will not wear off with normal wear and tear. 

This bracelet is not available in our Slim Style.

Our Regular Style bracelet is available in wrist sizes 6 through 9 inch. It is approximately 1" wide and we use a 5/8" side release metal clasp to secure it. 

The entire process from graphic design to bracelet construction is performed in-house for a truly Hand Crafted in the USA Product. We control the entire process which allows for virtually limitless customized or personalized options!

  • If you need more/different details on the charm please use contact us.
  • Use our picture charts to view the paracord colors. 
  • Wrap a strip of paper or string around your wrist - mark where the ends overlap comfortably. Measure that against a ruler to the nearest 1/2 inch. Please do not add any extra length. We will add to the WRIST length you give, to adjust for the thickness of the paracord.
  • Please Contact us if you have questions. 
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