FPIES Medical Alert Bracelet w/Phone#

  • 1800

The name that will appear in front of the phone #

 Life Threatening Nut Allergies, Diabetes, FPIEs, Gluten/Wheat Allergies, Seizures, Asthma, Insect Reactions, or any other medical issue. We've got your back as well as your child's back with 40+ years in EMS and over 6 years making Medical Alert Bracelets.

This 550 Paracord Medical Alert Bracelet  gives you peace of mind knowing that in a medical emergency EMTs and Paramedics will understand what may have happened and how to begin Life Saving Treatment.

Seconds Save Lives! Your  chances of receiving proper medical care are increased by providing care givers valuable medical information.

This medical alert bracelet can call out:

  • An single emergency contact first name or (Mom, Dad etc.) and a single phone #
  • If you need  a different type of medical condition or more than one name or one phone # there are other options available. Contact us.

This durable 550 Paracord wristband is waterproof and will stand up to the abuse your child will throw at it. We offer a broad selection of color options ranging from basic black to tie-dye. The aluminum charm is nickel-free and waterproof. The charm is sublimated and will not wear off with normal wear and tear. 

Our Slim Style bracelet is available in wrist sizes 5, 5.5, and 6 inch. We remove the inner nylon cores of the 550 Paracord for a much less bulky bracelet. We use a 3/8" side release KAM clasp to securely latch the bracelet.

Our Regular Style bracelet is available in wrist sizes 6 through 9 inch. It is approximately 5/8" wide and we use a 5/8" side release KAM plastic clasp to secure it ( 6" and 6.5" use the 3/8" clasp). Regular Style bracelets optionally can be upgraded to a metal clasp and/or reflective cord.

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