Customer Reviews

"My son loved picking out the colors for his medical alert and has been showing it off  to all his friends".

  • Great buyer to work with. Great quality bracelet. Thank you so much! Children with my daughter's medical condition cannot have metal medical alert grateful for your work! Fast quality workmanship!

         Jennifer W


  •  I got this for my little boy. He loved being able to pick the colors he wanted, and he even insisted on wearing it to bed. "It's so comfy, Mommy!" It shipped quickly too! Thanks so much! 



  • My son loves this allergy bracelet. Just perfect. Thank you!

          Brad M.


  •  A very cool functional bracelet, thank you! Great work! The guys loved them!

          Suprena C


  • This is the second bracelet we've ordered and once again we are so impressed with the quality of your product. My 9 year old loves picking out the colors of his paracord and was showing off his new bracelet to all his friends. I love knowing that he can be active and playful, swim, shower, and just be a boy without compromising the ability to read his medical information. Thank you a million times over!!! You have a customer for life!



  • Absolutely love it! Looks great. Professional look. Professional staff. Very helpful. Will definitely be getting more from them.

         Adrian M.


  • Amazing job!!! Fits perfect. Looks exactly like I asked for it to look!! Awesome job!

         Alison T.


  • This bracelet fit me perfectly! Also it came very quickly. As a diabetic is important not just to me but to my family that I have an alert bracelet, I wanted something unique and this was just perfect. Thank you!



  • Our second order for a medical bracelet. Love them. Very durable and loved by my daughter when she was five and still now that she is seven. Her older brothers and sister think they are cool too. Easy to read info too. Thanks!

         Kristen N.


  • Thank you so much. This is my second order. I love your work.

          Priscilla P


  • Customized exactly how I wanted.. I love it!  Perfect! Shipped faster than I expected!

          Nicole R


  • What a fantastic memorial bracelet! I am very happy. Thank You.



  • Sizing was great, colors are awesome and the person who received it loved it! Thank you!

         Chealsey J