Lost Child ICE Silicone ID Bracelet w/2 Phone#

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Silicone ID Bracelet for Toddlers, Children, and Adults

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Life Saving Lost Child's ID Bracelet, Vacations, Family Outings, School Activities, Field Trips, Elopement Risks, Special Needs. We've got your back as well as your child's back with 40+ years in EMS and over 6 years making Children's ID Bracelets.

Pack some peace of mind on your next family outing by outfitting your child with an ICE (In Case of Emergency) bracelet. This durable silicone wristband is waterproof and will stand up to the abuse your child will throw at it.

 This is one of our custom silicone bracelets. It gives you peace of mind knowing that in an emergency police, security personnel, or others can quickly contact you that your child has been found,


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This bracelet is almost 1/2" wide and 7 inches in circumference. The information is laser engraved.

The entire process from graphic design to engraving the bracelet is performed in-house for a truly Hand Crafted in the USA Product. 

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